All persons who purchase Lake View Estates property agree to pay an annual maintenance fee, currently in the amount of $300.00, due annually on April 15, which funds the coming fiscal year (FY).  For example, the fee due on 4/15/2020 funds FY2021, which includes 6/1/2020-5/31/2021. Payments should be sent to the LEHA treasurer.

According to our bylaws, lot owners whose accounts are delinquent will face one or more of the following consequences: 

  • Interest will accrue on unpaid balances at an annual rate of 18%. 
  • A lien claim  on the deed of lot owners who are in arrears. The lien is filed at the Kennebec County Registry of Deeds in Augusta for an amount equal to a total of dues, interest, legal costs, and processing fees. 
  • The delinquent lot owner's account may be referred to a credit collection agency. 
  • Seriously delinquent accounts will be handed over to legal counsel, possibly for a judgment in favor of collecting the fees after a forced sale of the property. 
  • Lot owners with delinquent accounts are considered as members not in good standing, and therefore all rights to vote in person or by proxy at LEHA meetings are forfeited. Members not in good standing do not count as part of the meeting's quorum, and may not participate in meeting discussions. 
  • Each unit owner in default shall not be entitled to make any improvements to Lake View Estates property. 

See LEHA bylaws and more information here.