April 10, 2021

Porcupines. These local beasties have come out of hibernation and pose a threat to dogs. One of our members suggests the (dog’s) wearing of a bell to alert the porcupines of the dog’s approach, causing the porcupine to climb a tree out of reach.

Wells. Drilling of a well is a speculative process. An illustration of various types of wells is shown below:

I believe that most of wells are (perched) water table wells, although an artesian well may have been hit. The cost and production/recharge of a well can vary quite a bit. Make sure you get several quotes and include the well (and septic) costs in your investment. Separation between wells and septic system leaching fields (both yours and your neighbors) is important and regulated. In the case of perched water table wells, overuse can cause a restricted water supply to dry up your (and possibly your neighbor’s)

well. We’ll be conducting a well/septic survey in the upcoming months, to assess what our membership has and/or has encountered and had to deal with – so that new members can be guided on locating their systems.

Committees. Our committees are energized and working on several projects (some seasonal). Please visit the website to see what committees we have and please consider joining. We have a diverse collection of experienced members and running a homeowners association (HOA) takes much needed and appreciated efforts from our elected Board and Committee volunteers.

Annual Meeting. Our Annual meeting is generally held on the last Saturday of July. This year it will be held on July 31st – location and time to be posted.

Bylaw Overhaul. Our Bylaws were developed by Patten Corporation over 30 years ago and the last amendment was made in 2016. The Policies and Bylaw Committee has overhauled the text of our Bylaws to ring it up to date and better reflect and clarify our Association’s operation. The DRAFT proposed bylaw overhaul has been sent to each member for review, comments and questions.

Signs. Our sign subcommittee is researching sign regulations and policies for various federal, state, county, town and HOA levels. We hope to develop a policy that will be fair, clear and acceptable for everyone.

911 Address Numbers. We have an outdated list of 911 address numbers. We are communicating with the Town to update the list and will inform members of their address numbers that should be posted at their driveways, so they can be easily seen by emergency responders.

InterNet Access. We have various types of InterNet access/WiFi capabilities in our area. Please let the Board know what success (or not) you have had with your InterNet provider, so others can be informed.


March 2021 -  Your Loon Questions Answered - Maine Lakes hosted a great webinar on loons, with all kinds of fascinating questions.  View a recording of this online event.  Register for any other webinars in the Maine Lakes series.


See State of Maine Response to COVID-19

More info on Town of Fayette website


August, 2020 - An additional mailbox unit was purchased as indicated in the Fiscal Year 2021 budget, and installed at the entrance to Lake View Estates.  The new unit gives us a total of 32 mailboxes and four parcel boxes.  Thanks to Joe Longtin and Sandy Rioux for performing the installation.  If you are interested in using one of the available units, please contact Sandy Rioux at


Summer, 2020 - Sandy Rioux, Dave Simmons, and Joe Longtin recently refurbished the outhouse on the Common Lot.  Thanks for your hard work!


An additional rack has been built for LEHA members on the Common Lot.  Thanks to Sandy Rioux for building the unit, and to Joe and Moe Longtin and Gail Rioux for helping to install it.


Lake View Estates waterfront owners are all eligible for a free evaluation by a trained LakeSmart team for David Pond.  Basin David & Tilton Ponds Association  Water Quality Officer Deb Cayer is the coordinator of the team.  

‍ Learn more about LakeSmart.  

‍ Sign up for a Lake Smart evaluation.


See the latest information on the water level on David Pond.

View this video “Facing the Tipping Point” to see how volunteers have come together with government and lake associations to combat invasive aquatic plants in Maine lakes and ponds.


East Pond has recently completed a $2,000,000 project to control algae.

Apparently Great Pond, Long Pond, and more recently in 2020, Androscoggin Lake are experiencing Eurasion Milfoil, and the Belgrade Lakes Association is working to eradicate it.

Stay informed of the precautions all of us at Lake View Estates need to take to protect David and Basin Ponds.


University of Maine tick identification information

More from the CDC on Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Powassan virus


Learn about the environmental impact of fireworks on our local environment.


2018 - After a period of inactivity, the BDTPA has been reactivated.  Members of LEHA should consider joining this environmental advocacy group.

“BDTPA works to improve the water quality of the ponds and their total environment.  The association also educates and informs landowners, their guests, and other interested individuals on issues of water qulity, invasive plants, and other environmental and safety concerns.”     (BDTPA mission statement).  The BDTPA has been working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to address the issues regarding the dam and impoundment area in recent years at the north outlet of David Pond.  Find out more at  


Starting July 1st, 2016 Fayette residents made the switch from Jay Transfer Station to the Readfield Transfer Station . All household trash and recycling will still be collected at the common lot, with the exception of bulky waste, demolition debris, and brush which can be brought to the Readfield Transfer Station by Fayette residents. 

Obtain a sticker for your vehicle at the Fayette Town Office, or bring proof of residency, such as a copy of your tax bill, or a utility statement.

‍ Lake View residents will continue to follow the guidelines for recycling and trash disposal found at the Eco Maine website.  A sign has also been posted at the common lot for your convenience.  Please observe the signs on the bins at the common lot.  Members are responsible for hauling bulky waste items to the Readfield facility on their own.

Please note, Lake View trash/recycling pickup is on Wednesdays.



Game Wardens do patrol David Pond.  Remember, tickets can be given on the water for infractions, such as lacking personal flotation devices while boating on the pond.  The wardens are also concerned about observation of the headway buoys and of all the no wake zones, located within 200 feet of the shoreline. Please refer to The Guide to Maine Boating Laws.


“Watercraft may not be operated at a speed greater than headway speed while within the water safety zone (see definition on page 5) or within a marina or an approved anchorage in coastal or inland waters except while actively fishing. “Headway speed” means the minimum speed necessary to maintain steerage and control of the watercraft while the watercraft is moving. The operator of any watercraft must operate at a reasonable and prudent speed for existing conditions and regulate the speed of a watercraft so as to avoid danger, injury or unnecessary inconvenience in any manner to other watercraft and their occupants, whether anchored or under way. The operator must consider the effect of the wash or wave created by their watercraft to waterfront piers, floats or other property or shorelines.”


Bates College is located just south of “the lakes region” in south central Maine.  Bates has undertaken projects with students in courses and thesis research on many lakes ranging from coastal “isolation basin” lakes that were formerly depressed below sea level to density stratified lakes that contain laminated sediments that archive high resolution sediment records. Two current projects underway are on Basin Pond in Fayette and Round Pond,  Chain of Ponds Township.  

These ponds are unique–preserving detailed paleoenvironmental  records with annual resolution in finely layered deposits, similar to tree rings.

If you see equipment deployed in the water, please do not disturb it.

Read more…

N.B. This research may have been completed as of this date.

photo: Carter Kindley and Carrie Harris at Basin Pond, Fayette Maine with surface core of laminated lake sediment.