Hi everyone in the Lakeview Estates Homeowners Association,

Please plan on attending our Annual Meeting being held at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 29, 2023 at the Fayette Central School, 2023 Main Street (Rt. 17) Fayette, Maine.

We need to have 1/3 of all members in good standing to have a quorum, so please plan on attending or assigning a Proxy so that you can be considered present. Thanks. I have attached a Proxy Form so that you can get this done if you can't attend, as well as the Official Meeting notice. The Proxy Form will also be sent again with the Agenda, which will be sent out soon.

A few other items - 

We (Matrix) are building a brand new fiber to the home network in your town. To kick off the project, we’re getting the word out and inviting residents to show their interest and support for the project. How can you show your support? Right now, we are inviting residents to subscribe with us. Subscribing can be done on our website or by visiting a local Matrix Connected Fiber (MCF) kiosk near you, or by contacting a representative for any inquiries you may have. What are the benefits? There are several benefits afforded to communities connected by fiber and we want to share them with you. With a fiber network built by MCF, you can count on: 

Are there any costs or obligations? No, there are no costs or obligations for residents at this time. You can opt out at any time with no risk. For a limited time there will be NO installation cost for a standard fiber installation. Be sure to sign up to help ensure your home address is included in the construction plans. Stay tuned for more details! 

Ready to subscribe? 


See you on the 29th! Let me know of any questions or concerns.

Megan, President of LEHA

M. Megan Roberts 

188 Shore Rd

Fayette,Me 04349